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Design & Drawings

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Our Process

Consultation/ Design Agreement

Your first step is your most important one! Meeting with us should be a breath of fresh air. Our knowledgeable design team takes great responsibility in ensuring that your ideas are coming across clearly, and we make it our job to give you the exact feeling you were looking for from your completed space.

Site Measuring/ Material Selecting/ Design Review

The next step is when it begins to feel real. Our design team comes into your home/business to take all the measurements and take pictures. These specs allow for our talented designers to create a simple, easy to visualize blueprint of what your space will be transformed into.

Design Agreement

Once we have the measurements it is time to start designing. Our team spends many focused hours creating the perfect blend of your vision, functionality and professionalism in your space. We are sure to help guide you towards pieces that will fit your space perfectly, while taking time to ensure the design is just what you envisioned..

Material Selection

Our showroom is stocked with high quality, affordable samples to make decisions regarding decorating as simple as possible . Our unique approach allows you to walk through, hands-on, and choose your favorite samples and try them out together. From flooring to paint chips, countertops and cabinet doors, we walk you through all the selections, making it easy for you to visualize your future space.

Design Review

Once you have come to a decision on your features, our designers will go back to their basic sketches and insert the colors, textures, and features you chose. Using our applications, we create a detailed blueprint and present a 3D virtual walk-thru of your space, to ensure, once and for all you love your choices.


Here at Perri’s, we are proud to stand by you for the entire process, and that doesn’t stop here. Our warehouse is full of highly skilled and attentive craftsmen, who get the job done Right! Our team has experience working with all types of materials, finishes and accessories, thus ensuring the precise turn out of your products. The team produces strong, long-lasting, beautiful wood pieces to guarantee your spaces are both safe and stylish.


We only send the most trustworthy crews into your space to install our products. Small teams allow for adequate safety of both product and construction elements. With our management doing check-ins during installation, this allows for us to trust completely that the job is being done professionally and on schedule.


This is the part we have all been waiting for! Now everything is installed, and the last thing to do is walk you through your fresh, new space and see your eager reaction. Our wide range of very skilled professionals have put so much work, time and dedication into completing this design for you, now it is your job to love and live in your new space!

Interior Renovations

We are very proud to offer whole-home cabinetry. We have the vision and expertise to transform more than just your kitchen and bathroom. Let us guide you into creating your dream space, within your own walls! Laundry rooms, offices, pantries and media rooms are just a few of our other projects. Please, check beside for a full list of spaces we remodel.

Here at Perri’s we are the only company you will need from conception to completion, because we manage everything! From your first consultation, to building, and installing your cabinets, we will be there every step of the way. We are honoured to be a 1 stop shop, because we can put our heart and quality into your entire design.

  • Kitchen Pantry
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry Room
  • Mud Room
  • Entertainment Spaces
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bedrooms Offices
  • Bars Closets/Built ins
  • Small Business’
  • Basement/Den
  • Garages Wine Cellars
  • Fireplaces
  • Custom Millwork

We offer complete design and project solutions


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