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Perri’s Cabinetry is owned and operated out of Oakville, Ontario by founder Frank Perri. Since 1998, it has been our goal to provide clients with high quality, show-stopping spaces at an affordable price. Perri’s Cabinetry is a trusted, reputable business, receiving many return clients and referrals. With our showroom and warehouse located in Oakville we are proud to offer services to the Greater Toronto, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and Mississauga areas. Our team consists of many hard working and talented professionals, who offer skills like none other. Our team will ensure you’re happy with every step, as we handle it all ourselves.
From designing, manufacturing, and lastly installing, there will always be a friendly and knowledgeable face from Perri’s to turn to. Meet with our expert designer who will help you create your dream space, then leave the rest to us! We explore a wide variety of styles to make your space efficient and beautiful. However, if you are looking for something as unique as you are, we can develop custom cabinetry to match your style. We not only specialize in kitchen and bath renovation, but offer our skills in many types of spaces, i.e./offices, business, entertainment rooms and storage solutions. Our goal at Perri’s Cabinetry is to make you love your space again. That is why we continuously strive to be on the leading edge of service for our residential and commercial clients in the GTA and beyond.


Starting out with not much more than a dream and an empty shed, Frank Perri knew he had what it takes to be a reputable millworker. After getting his business off the ground, it was time for Frank to move into a larger unit: an old, abandoned farm. While the space was considered an upgrade, Frank had to struggle with ferocious weather conditions.

Braving blizzards in the winter and scorching heat in the summer, not to mention the issues that arise on his work due to the conditions; this rickety farm may have been the most difficult property to run his business on. Next is where the business really began to take shape. Frank was able to open a unit located in Oakville and watch as his passion came to life. Serving the community and making his hometown thrive again, Frank was quickly gaining the reputation as one of the best millworkers in Oakville. With customer demands growing every week, it was time for Frank to move into a larger unit, which is where we are now.

Perri’s Cabinetry is currently located in 3 units on Wyecroft Rd in Oakville. Two of the units are converted into one large warehouse where our skilled professionals create, paint and build your products. With the last unit being a newly renovated, stylish showroom and office for you and our team to design and decorate your dream space.


At Perri’s we strive to make every decision as painless as possible. We do this by helping you choose specifications that best match your space and style. Our returning clients and overwhelming referral rate depict how deeply invested we are in ensuring our clients trust.


Remodeling an outdated kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Here at Perri’s we are an experienced full-service team, which consists of designers, builders and installers. We are all here to ensure project satisfaction from conception to completion. It requires careful planning to create a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional; our skilled team will listen to your ideas, provide recommendations and suggestions to ensure all space is being utilized to its fullest extent, all while getting the job completed correctly and on time.


The bathroom is generally much smaller than the kitchen, but it still requires all the same love. No small detail should be overlooked when designing a smaller room. Our designers will present many design options to help make your bathroom true to you, as we have a great selection of everything from faucets, fixtures, to toilets and granites. A bathroom must be a functional space, however that doesn’t mean it needs to be mundane.